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I recently noticed a job opportunity making the rounds on social media. See below:

Being in need of work myself, I thought I would respond and see where it went. I emailed the address as advised and told them about my previous eBay history:

I then shortly received the following response:

Initially I only noticed the one spelling mistake “spear” instead of “spare” and the occasional lack of capital letters so it’s not as bad as most scam emails. Notice that for such a successful company, they don’t say who they are. Alarm bells also rang when the income example they gave included a item valued at £500, and that how it worked involved receiving money myself and passing it on to them upon sale. Whilst I haven’t heard of a scam like this, it didn’t take me long to piece together a scenario which would leave me out of pocket so I then went on to ask a few more questions. A Google search on their email address and “Globaltrex” name also revealed absolutely nothing. Had no one fallen for it so far? And why would such a “successful company” not be listed anywhere? I checked out the email headers to see where the message was sent from and it turned out to be a iPhone on the O2 UK network which added a little hope, at least it was in the UK and not Nigeria for once!

She duly responded to my questions:

Notice how it starts off with a defensive statement “Hun I assure you”. If it was legitimate, a person would offer up some proof straight away not just say “I assure you”. A large successful business would also have a website and a registered business, and as it’s a eBay business they would presumably have a store with a proven feedback record as well. She avoided the topic and did not provide any proof at all and simply offered to move on and find someone else. I then did some searching and eventually found a useful combination of search terms which revealed hundreds of results relating to this scam, even some which had made it onto the UK JobCenter website! See for yourself here. I let her know about my findings and that I was not happy to proceed. She was of course quick to brush it off and find another victim.

Stay safe people! Hopefully this post will end up in a Google search and prevent at least one other person from falling victim to this scam. Let me know in the comments if you found this post useful.

4 thoughts on “Warning: eBay Listing Work From Home Job Scam info.globaltrex@gmail.com Helen at Globaltrex Wayne Johnson Facebook

  1. I started to irk for this person, being quite naive as I needed money. She had me list a MacBook Pro for £750 which sold within minutes. The buyer paid into my PayPal account, however due to the fact I’ve not sold anything of such high value before, PayPal held the funds in pending until the buyer received the item. I sent the email to Helen but she said she could not release the item until she had cleared funds in her “accountants” bank account. She even suggested I pay for the item myself and keep the whole of the funds once cleared. At this stage alarm bells rang and I immediately refunded my buyer and explained what had happened. It’s so obviously a scam. Basically she will take the money, rip of the buyer and leave me to take the blame and also be responsible for refunding the buyer.
    I hope this makes other people think twice before falling for her scam.

    1. Sorry to hear you were scammed by this person. Thankfully you didn’t lose out but it would be easily done and I’m sure many people will fall for it, especially stay at home parents looking for work that fits around childcare. I’m glad my post was useful to you. When I first saw the opportunity I searched the email address and name online and couldn’t find anything about them which was very surprising so thought I would put this post up and hope it shows to other people if they search it on Google

  2. I thought of doing this as well but something didn’t feel right so I declined and reading through your post I received exactly the same emails.
    I even told her I wanted her PayPal account details as didn’t want anything going through mine and got the story that she hasn’t got one.
    Keep posting this on FB you probably save a lot of people heart ache.

  3. Oh my God was half way posting for this woman so glad I had a moment of sanity and thought I’d Google this i emailed her with a number of queries and funnily enough she hasn’t replied thank you for posting this has stopped me from making a huge mistake!!!

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