[Solved] PayPal Balance Does Not Show as a Payment Option on eBay

Another quick post today that may help other people.

Today I was making an eBay purchase and I wished to partly fund this transaction with my PayPal balance and have the remainder taken from my primary card. This is something I’ve done a number of times before without issue but today it was just not showing within the eBay checkout as an option.

I worked out the issue for me, which was that my PayPal balance was held in US Dollars, but my primary currency here in the UK is British Pound and it seems PayPal will only use a balance for a purchase in that currency (buying an item in dollars would work, but when buying an item in British pounds it would not be converted or used automatically.

I found a quick and easy solution, if you login to your PayPal account on the main PayPal website, click on the “PayPal Balance” link on the left hand side, and it provides a useful conversion tool where you can select the currency of your balance, type in how much you want to convert, and choose which currency you want to convert it to. Once converted to your primary currency (or the currency of the item you are purchasing), it will then show the balance as a payment option within the eBay checkout process.

I was initially very stumped by this but I figured it out in the end so I hope this will help others.

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