Death of the Sony SmartBand SWR10

Sad to say that my Sony SmartBand SWR10 will soon be unusable once the battery has run down.

Today I went to charge my phone, and noticed the cable would not fit into my phone. Upon closer inspection it appears the metal shroud/surround for the USB charging port on the SWR10 has broken off and was stuck on the end of my micro USB cable. This was no case of carelessness or user error, I’m always incredibly careful with charging ports on all devices that I own and this is no exception. I also use high-quality USB cables and chargers from the likes of Anker as well which have proven to be flawless time and time again.

As the SWR10 is a sealed and waterproof unit, it does not look possible to repair this as all and the device will no longer charge despite the middle part of the connector still being in place. It’s a shame when things like this happen but undoubtedly something that one gets used to with modern technology getting smaller and smaller everything gets weaker and more delicate at the same time.

I guess I should now write a mini review of the product. My time with the Sony SmartBand SWR10 has been great, it has been hugely successful for my main use of it, the sleep monitoring, the software that accompanies it works very well indeed and easily runs on a non-Sony phones as well, I started off using it with my Sony Xperia Z2, but have since upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and after downloading the required apps it connects first time and works as intended which is more than I can say for Samsung’s Gear Fit which absolutely refused to work on a Sony, or any non-Samsung phone. Overall, the SWR10 has been very useful and I haven’t even begun to use many of it’s features it is capable of so I’m sure many people would use it more to it’s full potential than me. Like everything though it’s not without it’s flaws, and the issue where it stops logging data is the main one of those flaws, luckily it’s easy, although inconvenient, to temporarily fix that issue. Battery life on it has been great and has remained at 6-7 days since it was brand new, dependent on use. I did find that using the vibrating alert for incoming calls is unsurprisingly a huge battery drain, if you receive many calls it’s worthwhile turning that feature off if you value a longer battery life.

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