Original/Official Traccar Theme for the Modified Traccar Version

Any of you following my last post will know I use a modified version of Traccar to track my car and mobile phone.

If you have played with the original version you’ll know what the original theme and overall style of it looks like. In my case, I prefer the original style to the custom one which is implimented on the modified Traccar from http://traccar.litvak.su.

After speaking with the developer of the modified version (who is very helpful and quick to respond if you need help with it by the way!) I have now managed to get the original theme applied to the modified Traccar.

To do this, I’ll outline the basic steps below. I assume for this post, that your Traccar server is Linux-based, Ubuntu in my case, and that you have some basic command-line knowledge.

These steps are based on the original build instructions and modified to include the Neptune theme.


  • Switch to, and download a copy of the ‘neptune_theme’ branch of Traccar from GitHub, this may take a minute or so to download depending on your connection speed

git clone -b neptune_theme https://github.com/vitalidze/traccar-web.git

  • Change to the downloaded folder

cd traccar-web

  • Build from source, this may take a long time depending on your server specs. It took an hour and 20 minutes for me.

sudo ./mvnw package

  • Stop the Traccar server, if it is running

sudo /etc/init.d/traccar stop

  • Rename the original .wad file for backup purposes

cd /opt/traccar/
sudo mv traccar-web.wad traccar-web.wad.backup

  • Move the new .wad file into place (the username and the name of the new .wad file in the command below will need changing to suit your needs).

sudo mv /home/username/traccar-web/target/traccar-web-SNAPSHOT.wad /opt/traccar/traccar-web.wad

  • Startup the Traccar service again

sudo /etc/init.d/traccar start


If all has gone smoothly you should now be able to visit the web interface of your Traccar server and see the shiny new Neptune theme from the official Traccar version.

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