Visteon / Ford Mondeo MK3 / Renault Headrest LCD Monitor Pinout

I recently acquired a 7″ headrest LCD monitor which I believe to be from, or the same as, those fitted in some Ford Mondeo Mk3 models and some Renault vehicles. I will be converting this to fit my Peugeot 406.

This is usually connected via a control box under the centre console to a DVD player in the boot along with the stereo and possibly other devices in the vehicle.

The monitor I’ve got was cut out of the previous vehicle so there’s no connector on the end of it, only bare wires. After taking the unit apart it appears someone else has tried to figure out the wiring and failed which has burnt up some of the tracks on the circuit board. I have repaired this damage. Now, for many many hours on the internet I have identified the correct screen (all except the part number) and with some investigation with a multimeter, and from matching up with a control box from a Renault system which I believe is identical. I have found the pinout. When taking the unit apart, the connection is CN1 and with pins numbered from left to right as follows:

Pin # Colour Use
1 Blue XSDA I2C data bus
2 Green XSCL Sync Clock I2C
3 Grey Ground/Screen
4 White IR Out
5 Purple 5V IR Power In
6 Orange 12V LCD Power
7 Brown Video In (presumably CVBS)
8 Yellow Video Ground
9 Black Backlight Ground
10 Red 12V Backlight

The information was adapted from this service guide for a “Renault Multimedia Control Module4” which is believed to be the same unit used in the Ford system and is made by Visteon, although the pins I have worked out myself match up, I cannot guarantee that all the others are correct so cannot accept responsibility if you damage your screen with this information.

At present, I have not got the screen to turn on as apparently this is only possibly using the original remote control which I do not have. It is also believed that the ‘power on’ signal is received by the IR sensor on the screen, sent to the control module (which I do not have) and then back to the screens over the I2C bus telling it to turn on so it may not be easily possible to use this screen without it’s intended controller.

I hope this information will nevertheless be of use to anyone else trying to reuse one of these screens for something other than it’s intended use.

Also if it is of any use to anyone, the DVD player that would have originally been used with this system is believed to be a “Visteon MB-8000”

2 thoughts on “Visteon / Ford Mondeo MK3 / Renault Headrest LCD Monitor Pinout

  1. Hi, that’s really useful, thank you. I’ve read comments that the setup is proprietary but it’s useful to know the video output is just standard CVBS.

    Can I ask what the two I2C wires are used for? All the others make sense but I don’t really know anything about I2C e.g. would they even be required for the unit to operate?

    1. Hi Drew, sorry it has taken me a while to get back to you on this. I believe I2C is used as a control the screen from the normal infotainment system. So for example turning on the DVD player would send a signal through the I2C bus to also turn on the screen and switch the screen to the correct input. I never did get anywhere with it myself as I was unable to get my screen to turn on. I will keep a look out for a original DVD player for it and try again if I do manage to find one. I2C is a bit beyond my current knowledge but I understand the basics, I just lack the knowledge to experiment with it further really.

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